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The easy and powerful way to create Windows(r) Installer Packages...

The easy and powerful way to create Windows(r) Installer Packages (*. MSI files). Simple installer wizard interface allows creation of full-blown Windows(r) installations.

Components and Features - The Windows(r) Installer organizes an installation around the concepts of components and features. A feature is a part of the application's total functionality that a user may decide to install independently.

A component is a piece of the application or product to be installed. Files and Directories - Easily specify the application or products directory structure and files with a browse dialog.

Control how and which files are installed with simple combo boxes. Install advertised shortcuts to desktop, startup folder, etc. DLL self-registration.

The installer calls the DLLRegisterServer function during installation of the module; it calls DLLRegisterServer during un-installation of the module.

The installer does not self-register EXE files. Fonts - Specify fonts to be registering font files with the system by simply selecting the font file.

Windows Registry - Allows merging of registry data from. REG files. Merge Modules - Merge modules provide a standard method by which vendors deliver shared Windows(r) Installer components and setup logic to their applications.

Upgrades - PopulateMSI can generate all required installer upgrade information for your application or product. Launch EXE at end of install - PopulateMSI allows an EXE to be specified when the install has finished.

Pertinent information about the install will be passed to the EXE. Log file - Every action the PopulateMSI executed while building the installer package is fully documented in a log file.

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PopulateMSI 2

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